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Canadian native, Michael MacDonald could be described in many ways, not all favourable. He has spent many years as a filmmaker, in Canada, directing mostly documentary and reality-style productions, the latest being produced in Berlin, detailing efforts to safely unearth WW2 unexploded bombs. Tiring of creeping WOKEness in the film industry, Michael had re-invented himself as a flight instructor, spending over a thousand hours in the air, urging hapless students to straighten-up and fly right. Back in his beloved Berlin, Michael now splits his time between working in a curiosity shop, playing boule in Kreuzberg (with his erstwhile biz partner, M.P. Powers), writing fiction, drinking coffee, improving his German, and generally living the life bon-vivant. He can often be found drinking in various Kneipen, throughout Berlin. Once in a while he can also be seen cleaning the bathroom for his wife, Susanne.

Michael (R) with son Liam


M.P. Powers was born in Aurora, Illinois, lived most of his life in various parts of Florida, and now divides his time between Florida and Berlin. In Florida, he manages a tool rental shop and makes pets of iguanas in his spare time. In Berlin, when he’s not playing the role of a father or mauling the German language, he spends most of his time touching up his two finished novels, drawing and writing poetry. His poems have been published in The New York Quarterly, Slipstream, Chiron Review, Red Fez and many other publications. His first poetry collection, Hallucinogenic Dragonfly Intermezzo, can be found here.


... and here he is pretending to wash dishes while waiting for his camera's timer to go off.

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